The importance of good office lighting

You might not immediately think about it, but good office lighting plays an important role in the efficiency of your employees. The right lighting not only reduces the risk of all kinds of health problems for your employees, it also increases productivity and safety within your company. After all, it contributes to a comfortable and stimulating working environment. In addition, you can also save a lot of energy and money with it.

In this blog we will discuss the importance of good office lighting so you know exactly why the right office lighting is an indispensable investment for your company.

Good office lighting can be individually adjusted

This may sound strange because we are used to general, non-adjustable lighting in the office, but it makes sense. People have different needs depending on the type of work they perform and their age. For example, a 60-year-old requires an average of 5 to 6 times more light to perform tasks correctly than a 20-year-old. Reading text on paper or working in a studio requires more light than mere computer work.

In addition, good office lighting is also important ergonomically. Lighting that can be adjusted individually has a positive effect on the eyesight, energy level and well-being of employees. It also stimulates their concentration span.

Freestanding office lighting is extremely suitable as an adjustable light source. In most cases it is a direct/indirect radiating device. This means that it indirectly provides a general level of light and gives the required lighting on the work surface in a direct manner. An additional desk lamp can, if necessary, raise the light level even more.

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Save energy with the right office lighting

Good office lighting is not only important for the well-being of your staff, but also for saving energy and therefore your expenses. After all, electricity is one of the major costs of providing office lighting and accounting for around 60% of the budget. Investing in the right lighting and technology is therefore not a superfluous luxury. Nowadays there are various energy-saving technologies that you can use in your office. For example, LED lamps are more often opted for.

In addition, lamps are increasingly equipped with sensor technology and a modern light management system. These technologies are used for presence and daylight detection. In the first case, the lamp detects the presence or absence of a person and will be turned off automatically when the workspace is empty. This is an energy-efficient way to create the perfect lighting for your employees. It’s a technique that has been used for a long time to illuminate aisles and hallways that are not used frequently. Because daylight is the ideal source of lighting for a working environment, lamps with daylight detection will go out when sufficient daylight is detected.

Maximum flexibility for users and companies

With the increasing popularity of office flex desks, companies are forced to consider the flexibility of their workstations. This naturally also includes lighting. Good and adaptable office lighting provides the necessary flexibility that modern working environments require. The combination of freestanding office lighting and adjustable office lights is therefore the perfect solution for flexible workplaces and dynamic companies that regularly change their layout.

Good office lighting is a mix of various light sources

We already mentioned it earlier: good office lighting is always a combination of different direct and indirect light sources. With direct lighting, the light falls directly onto the work surface as is the case with a desk lamp. Indirect lighting, on the other hand, illuminates part or all of the workspace such as ceiling lighting. Freestanding office lighting forms a beautiful combination of both and is therefore very important in an office environment. We can conclude that good office lighting is of great importance for the efficiency of your company and that you can best achieve this by combining different types of light sources in the right way.

Would you like to know more about office lighting or are you curious about the possibilities for your office? Then don't hesitate to contact us! We are happy to advise you.

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