Discover the many advantages of vektron climate ceilings

The architectural climate ceilings from vektron integrate lighting, ventilation, sound insulation, audio and, of course, air conditioning. This all-in-one solution makes a room not only lovelier, more comfortable, quieter and more efficient, but also simply healthier.

Although air conditioning and ventilation are essential elements today in the design of larger buildings, the aesthetic side is often neglected. Fortunately, the vektron climate ceilings provide an elegant solution. 

Harmonious and comfortable

Through the integration of luminaires, ventilation grids, sound insulation, loudspeakers and air conditioning in a single ceiling element, all these technologies form a harmonious unit with regard to design, colour and workmanship that can be integrated very well into the ceiling. 
In addition, vektron acoustic climate ceilings provide for a more pleasant and healthier indoor climate. The entire room is cooled or heated evenly, silently and without draughts. Microorganisms and bacteria also have no chance.


Cost-effective with low maintenance requirements

The climate ceilings from vektron require little maintenance (no motors, no filters) and are very energy-efficient. vektron climate ceilings heat at low water temperatures and cool at high water temperatures. As a result, they are extremely compatible with heat pumps, which considerably improve the energy-efficiency of a building.

Healthier employees

Health complaints that can be attributed to lengthy periods of stay in a building are known under the generic term “sick building syndrome”. Typical complaints are irritation of the eyes, nose and respiratory tract, as well as itching, tiredness and poor concentration. vektron climate ceilings put an end to that, because they absorb heat on the one hand and cool the ambient air on the other by convection. The air that cools down at the height of the climate ceiling sinks, while the warm air in the room rises. 
Since we spend a good eight hours there, the office environment has a big influence on our lives. Ultimately, a pleasant and healthy working environment contributes to a higher quality of life and helps to increase the productivity of the employees by around 15 %.

Always the ideal temperatureVektron-image

The best offices are those in which people feel most comfortable. The temperature plays an important role here. The employees' productivity is negatively affected if the office is too hot (over 25 °C) or too cold (below 20 °C). Headaches, nausea and ear, nose and throat complaints are strongly temperature-related. The ideal office temperature is around 21 to 22 °C.
The best air conditioning systems ensure homogeneous air temperatures, without draughts or noise, while the most economical systems are compatible with heat pumps and geothermal systems. The climate ceilings from vektron combine these properties in an ideal manner and are also integrated beautifully into the ceiling.

Pleasant light

Light is also an important comfort factor in offices. Light regulates our biological clock and controls a large number of internal processes. For example, employees have to strain themselves more to see well if the lighting is poor. This can lead to concentration problems as well as neck and shoulder pain.
The combination of sufficient natural daylight and a high-quality lighting system provides the remedy here. The frequency of the artificial light also plays a role: if the light frequencies are too low, our eyes constantly have to adjust, which leads to eye irritation. The lighting integrated into vektron climate ceilings is of a high quality and ensures an extremely low glare factor even at the height of the work surface.


Pure air

Electrical appliances and people are the biggest air pollutants in the office. The CO2 level is often too high without us even noticing it. Adequate air circulation is therefore crucial. If the stale air is extracted to a sufficient degree, far fewer bacteria remain in the room. The risk of headaches, allergic reactions, dizziness and diseases is then significantly reduced.
Ventilation is not just about removing stale air, but also about supplying clean air, preferably with a system that filters out dust particles and toxic gases. The vektron climate ceilings also perform extremely well in terms of air quality.

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