Architect Spits chooses vektron for a unique refuge in Liège

"Design a private universe in which we can retreat from the daily rat race without much effort." That, in a nutshell, was the brief that architect Luc Spits received for the Intersection House in Liège. He also received guidelines on architecture and materials: it had to become a unique home, with an austere interior that still feels warm. It's no surprise that Spits approached kreon and vektron for lighting and acoustics.

Glass and metal atrium 

Those who enter the unique Liège villa find themselves in a world surrounded by a wall of blue stone and concrete sails. At the centre of the five-bedroom home is an atrium of glass and metal. Luc Spits Architecture turned to kreon and vektron for both lighting and acoustics. Makes sense: the clients were eager to work with Belgian suppliers and the quality, finish, sobriety and minimalism of our products fit in seamlessly with the clean lines of the architecture.

Unheard-of acoustics

As the client had envisioned a haven of tranquillity, the acoustics in the house were a major concern from the start. Rightly so, of course. We were therefore happy to step into the narrative with our vektron ceiling systems, which integrate climate control, ventilation, audio and acoustic insulation techniques besides lighting. 
Although we initially developed these systems for office applications, they fit in perfectly with this Liège villa project. It also worked to everyone's advantage that the architect and the client could rely on us for the ceiling (and thus the acoustics) and lighting design. In fact, the residents are already very pleased with the acoustics.  


Lighting to enhance architecture 

The clients also wanted a very ecological home. So the Intersection House had solar panels, a heat pump, rainwater recovery and, of course, LED lighting from kreon. The residents understood better than anyone that lighting quality plays an often underestimated role in a home's comfort and sense of zen. Plus, good lighting can also enhance strong architecture. Because we worked with kreon and vektron on the project to combine lighting and acoustics into a single solution, this villa has become a great showcase for what we can contribute to home design. 
So we used our slender kreon cana 40-aluminium profile. The round or square modules appear to float on the deep black background, creating attractive rhythms and patterns on the surface. kreon cana 40 is suitable for recessed, surface-mounted and pendant mounting. The lighting modules are made to measure to suit the specific needs of each project. At Intersection House, we were using white kreon prologe 40 twin modules. The kreon lini 10 cove - a linear ceiling light - would also fit in perfectly with such a sober, uncluttered project, both in terms of design and lighting performance. It definitely makes you want more!
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