Downlights: the future of lighting design

Are you looking for a home or office lighting solution that combines functionality, efficiency, and aesthetics? Then kreon downlights are the answer. The range is suitable for a wide variety of applications. These downlights have a discreet and elegant design and are available in many sizes, shapes, and styles. Ideal for adding a contemporary touch to any room.

kreon downlights are versatile and suitable for general, task, and accent lighting. Whether you are looking for a sleek, modern interior or a minimalist look, kreon downlights have it all. They can be seamlessly integrated into the ceiling and work perfectly with other kreon luminaires for a uniform look.

Functionality and aesthetics in one

Both kreon aplis, with its circular luminaires, and the square kreon down are available with trim or trimless, the so-called in-line version. Whichever model you choose, they all contribute to a modern and sober aesthetic. But what makes these downlights really special is the variety of options within the range. You can choose between a fixed light, a directional version with an angular adjustment of 30°, and a wall washer version. There is also a wide range of uplights, LED strips, and track lighting to transform any space. With a choice of optics - from spot to wide angle - you canbe sure of optimum comfort, excellent light quality, and efficiency, right down to the last detail. 


Stylish lighting for any space

Dimmable LED spotlights are a great addition to any room. With a LED dimmer, you can create just the atmosphere you want, from warm light for a cosy evening to bright light for working. Want more diffused light in the room? Consider a model with a flood reflector above the black or white louvre for a softer, diffused spread of light. An easy way to create pools of light on horizontal surfaces or dramatic scalloping effects on walls.

Whether you want to be bathed in a warm glow for a cosy evening at home, need bright light for your workspace, or are looking for subtle lighting accents to show off works of art, kreon downlights offer a solution for every application. They combine style and functionality in a way that transforms any room. Ready to take your lighting to the next level?

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