How to combine lighting, climate and architecture to create the ideal office

There’s a lot involved when renovating or building a new office. It doesn’t only have to meet the most recent energy standards, but both the right lighting and climate control must also be taken into account. After all, these factors determine the productivity of the employees and contribute to creating a comfortable working environment.

The effect of the right lighting

Lighting is an important factor in your office. Naturally, your employees must have sufficient light available to perform certain practical tasks, but good lighting has a major impact on several other things. Your employees feel healthier, happier and more focused. No more headaches, irritations or sleep inducing moments!

Now, lighting includes more than just providing a few lights in your office spaces. Some important factors that you should take into account are: the color temperature (high and low), the desired brightness and the type of light that is needed to work in an efficient and pleasant way.

To help you create the best possible lighting in your office, it is always advisable to invest in a good lighting plan drawn by experienced light designers. To draw up the lighting plan, they take into account, among other things, the existing structure of the building and the functionality of the various spaces.

office-climate and lighting

A pleasant indoor climate increases productivity

Not only does lighting contribute to increased productivity and a comfortable workplace, the climate control within the office spaces is also important. After all, it can counteract the well-known sick building syndrome, a phenomenon that occurs in many companies.

You can achieve a good and healthy indoor climate by paying attention to these three factors: air, temperature and light. It goes without saying that sufficient air circulation combined with a nice temperature and the necessary daylight can work wonders in the efficiency of your employees.

If you want to use a climate control system, make sure that the temperature is evenly distributed over the office spaces and that your employees are not bothered by drafts or noise. Cooling ceilings, for example, are excellent for controlling the temperature within office buildings.

All-in-one and yet customized

Now, contrary to what you may think, you don’t need to put in all these factors separately. You can also choose an all-in-one solution, because Kreon Ceiling Solutions offers the possibility to combine climate control, lighting and even audio in one ceiling solution. Such a full-option cooling ceiling with integrated lighting can always be tailor-made and takes into account the architecture of the building, sustainability and efficiency. Our Kreon products are 100% compatible with each other and meet the relevant building standards.

Would you like to know more about how our Kreon Tools of Light and Vektron Ceiling Solutions can help you create the ideal working environment for you and your employees? Then contact us soon! Our designers are more than happy to advise you to achieve the best result for your office building.

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