From an old sweet factory to a stunning and exclusive, urban office building

With custom-made kreon luminaires

Dieter Vander Velpen Architects achieved a remarkable metamorphosis in the heart of the Antwerp district Berchem. The once lively Euro Sweets factory, renowned for its pastel-coloured sweets and chocolate, has been given a second lease of life. The industrial heritage building was transformed into a loft-like 550 square metre space. It now serves not only as office space, but also as a meeting place and event venue. The eye-catchers there are the custom-made kreon luminaires illuminating the different rooms.

The entire building, which dates back to 1919, was completely gutted. The new offices of Dieter Vander Velpen Architects were established on the second floor. The industrial charm of the building, with its rough exposed concrete and original floors, has been preserved to create an exciting contrast with the contemporary interior elements. For example, the meringue moulds will soon add an artistic touch to the lobby. The architecture firm also cleverly utilises this space as a virtual showroom and source of inspiration.

While the space retains features of the building’s history, it is also future-oriented. The energy performance of the building has been improved with roof and exterior wall insulation. There are plans to install solar panels as well.

kreon & Dieter Vander Velpen Architects

Mysterious James Bond atmosphere thanks to kreon fixtures

The carefully integrated kreon luminaires definitely are the interior design’s highlights. kreon holon 60, in brushed aluminium, discreetly illuminates the corridors and kitchen. The minimalist design also enhances the aesthetic value of the building. In the meeting room, the kreon nuit profile, also in brushed aluminium, provides uniform lighting, ideal for presentations and meetings. For their workspace, Vander Velpen chose the kreon kagi profile, which, thanks to asymmetrical optics, provides working stations with optimal lighting. Outside, on the terrace, the kreon wabi seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality. The outdoor luminaire has an optimally shielded optical system that maintains visual comfort and illuminates the ground surfaces.

Loyal partners

kreon has been a long-standing partner of Dieter Vander Velpen, and contributed to the design right from the drawing board stage. The renovated interior, inspired by brutalism, lets in abundant natural daylight. Combined with quality lighting, the spaces create an optimal working atmosphere. The lighting is an essential component in complete harmony with the space, both aesthetically and functionally.

It is carefully tailored to technical details such as taps and sockets. A dramatic wall serving as a showcase has been filled with samples, with the weathered bronze lighting detail helping to highlight items. The showcase, which displays new samples monthly, also acts as a connecting point between the different office areas and is accentuated by several kreon holon 60 luminaires.

With a 2700k colour temperature, the lighting creates an inviting glow, unique and distinct from other offices, combined with both pendant and fixed luminaires. Since Dieter was looking for Belgian partners for the design of his new offices, this collaboration with the Limburg-based lighting brand kreon was a logical outcome. The lighting is custom-made, often based on standard models but adapted to the specific needs and wishes of the architect.

kreon & Dieter Vander Velpen Architects

The Vander Velpen touch for the interior design

This property was selected for its location, floor area, and the charm of the original interior. Vander Velpen opted for a vintage-inspired interior in which various original accents were preserved. The result is an interior that emphasises the contrast between industrial style and luxurious elements. Bronze and rust accents are found in the sofas, in the large wooden table in the office space and in the lighting.

The architecture firm blends old and new, rough and refined, historical and modern in the new office building. In its collaboration with kreon, Vander Velpen successfully created a space that embodies aesthetics, functionality and innovation.

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