Interior lighting: sometimes more expensive makes perfect sense

In interior design, lighting fixtures have evolved from rather functional elements to showpieces that define the mood and aesthetics of a room. Today, more people opt for more expensive, high-quality materials such as bronze, alabaster and marble. It reflects a growing desire to bring elegance, luxury, and harmony to home furnishings. Here are a few arguments why more expensive luminaires can be the better choice. 

1. Lasting beauty 

Lighting fixtures are not just light sources, they are an integral part of interior design. More expensive materials such as bronze, alabaster and marble add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any room. And these materials are not just visually appealing, but also very durable: your investment will last for years! By using high-quality materials, lighting fixtures become beautiful artworks that enhance the overall aesthetic of your home.

2. Living in harmony

Today’s design-conscious homeowners pay close attention to how they coordinate finishes in their living spaces. Lighting fixtures play a pivotal role in achieving harmony. Aligning lighting fixtures with elements such as light switches, sockets and door handles creates a harmonious and visually pleasing environment.

If you opted for a brushed bronze finish for your door handles and light switches, light fittings with a matching finish can bring the room together seamlessly. This attention to detail creates a sense of cohesion and enhances the overall design of your space.


3. Infinite versatility

Expensive materials offer a wide range of finishing options, allowing homeowners to choose fixtures to suit their style and preferences. Some popular finishes include brushed bronze, brushed black and brushed gold. With these variations, you can find the perfect lighting fixture to complement your interior or set the tone for a new design theme.

Moreover, the versatility of materials such as marble is truly remarkable. With a range of available colours and patterns, marble lighting fixtures can be adapted to different design concepts. Whether you prefer classic white marble or want to make a bold statement with colourful marble, the possibilities are virtually endless.

4. A timeless investment

Investing in lighting fixtures made of more expensive materials can be a wise decision, not only for the immediate visual impact, but also for the long-term value. High-quality materials are known for their durability, which means your luminaires will remain beautiful and functional for years to come. Unlike trendy disposable decorations, these fixtures are timeless investments that will continue to enhance your living space over time.


On a final note…

As the world of interior design becomes increasingly focused on elegance and harmony, more expensive materials offer the perfect solution. Their timeless appeal, versatility and wide range of finishes enable homeowners to create stunning and cohesive spaces that reflect their unique style and taste. And since they last longer, they are an antidote to throwawayism

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