interview Michael Solé

MotorParts was looking for extra space for the company. Already thinking about being future proof, they wanted to leave room for growth of the business in their construction. At the same time MotorParts wanted to give the company a new positive and innovative image. Therefore, they decided to expand the existing building with a new construction. At that point they contacted M. Solé, as his firm is known for the technical and aesthetic quality of their designs. 

The building site and the client’s activity brought the essential elements of the composition.

Our creative approach is primarily to respond perfectly to the company’s business needs. In this case: the future needs of the company for extra space. The architecture is designed for the expected developments of the company, matched with the available space on site or around.

"The client was looking for a simple construction. Efficient and beautiful. And of course, for good

value for their money."


"Our vision of architecture is truly functional first, then comes the emotional aspect. The latter was probably the greatest contribution for the client. Now he has an impressive building that can adapt to the needs of the corporation. Future-proof with a sober, compact look."

The impressive part is that the occupant is not disconnected with the surroundings. They feel the external climatic conditions: the wind, the sun, the rain, the skies. They are constantly infused with the external environment but at the same time they are privileged. A visitor is hot when he wants to be and cold should he ask for it. Without noise, softly. He can feel the ventilation like the cool breeze during summer. He can sense the dimmed or reinforced light according to its needs.

The technique serves them without constraint in a healthy environment. 


"So far, the architectural vision for the experience inside and outside. When we shaped this design to become a real construction, we were looking for different light and ceiling solutions. Kreon became a preferred partner throughout the entire construction. Their discrete ceiling solution that can include different applications: Light, acoustic solutions, aesthetical demands, ventilation techniques and so on, was just what we needed. Kreon provided the building with esthetical ceiling solutions and integrated light solutions. The excellent service came on top. We were impressed by their gorgeous show room, their indispensable know-how and their efficient way of working."

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