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Lighting to emphasize the architectural design of a space

Interview with Thomas Geerlings from Framework Studio

In the heart of Amsterdam you find the head office of design company Framework Studio, with branches also located in Paris and Ibiza. With a developing team of 20 young professionals who make customers’ design dreams come to life. They're specialised in making bespoke designs for private residences, shopping malls, the hospitality industry and office complexes. The founder and CEO of Framework Studio Thomas Geerlings, talks to us about his fascination for shadow and light and the importance of a well thought out lighting design. He can’t help but notice big differences between wishes of clients living in the Netherlands on one hand or clients from Belgium or France on the other hand.

Customer’s Design company

"We prefer to label ourselves as a design company. Because from our experience an architect often stops at the furniture and we are there to bridge that gap to a complete design." Thomas Geerlings goes on to explain that "We pay a lot of attention and detail to the interior layout design, lighting and furniture."

Creative process

"Whenever we start a new project, we are inspired by three aspects. Firstly the client’s vision, which can vary vastly from a senior citizen to a young family with seven children. They have a different perspective on the design and use they wish to achieve from a certain space. Location and age of a property are also factors to consider" according to Thomas Geerlings. For that reason, Framework Studio has a wide variety of completed designs with the belief that "A keen eye would recognise our signature design."

"With every design we develop customised recommendations for that client. The interior layout, the core materials and types of lighting are all areas in which nothing is overlooked. Lighting is used to emphasis the architectural design of the space, as well as to highlight the features in the room such as a work of art or a special piece of furniture such as a chair."

"Shadow is more interesting than light."

"We refrain from using ambient light, which is just terrible (He says smiling). Shadow is much more interesting than light. I find it unfortunate that light quality gets so little attention during a renovation of a property or a new development. The light designs which are often made lastminute have so much potential for improvement. In many project developments we often see the seemingly endless monotone rows of spotlights in the ceilings. These are only ever acceptable in a garage. Go for an asymmetric design, people!"

"It's unfortunate that light quality gets so little attention in the building process."


"Shadow is important, and how the formation of that shadow is achieved for the best results. This counts as well for the type of light fitting used. Whether it be recessed, square or round fittings, or even a combination of both which we are seeing as a popular choice at the moment. Lighting is susceptible to changing trends and Kreon understands this. That's why our collaboration is so successful with our well-established partnership bringing a track record of success. I know that Kreon strives for quality and craftsmanship as we have developed such an intuitive collaboration that now there are not many emails going back and forth whenever we have a new project. This constructive and often second nature collaboration is a win-win.

Not just kreons overall quality but as well their passion for craftmanship is extraordinary. Their handblown glass for example is very impressive and these unique items are remarkably interesting for us!"

Aftersales is more important than sales

"Does anything ever go wrong? Of course, but if you do nothing then nothing can ever go wrong. It's inevitable that something goes wrong every once in a while. But it’s the way in which you deal with this situation, is the way one can make a difference, and again Kreon excels at this. Aftersales is often more important than sales."

"Aftersales is often more important than sales."

"We keep quality guaranteed, not only in the products but most importantly in the service provided. We do notice cultural variations in our clientele for example the Dutch are more reserved. They do not tend to seek extravagant design, and they have a 'standard is eccentric enough' mentality. Whereas Belgians and French have different priorities and need less persuading to adopt a more unique design."

"We take great satisfaction when a client adopts a design proposal with unique high-end furniture pieces or light fittings which makes a lasting impression in their home or office. No one complains about having too much quality in their home."

"No one complains about having too much quality in their home."

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