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Why choose a climate ceiling?

There are many things that can give off heat in office buildings. Consider, for example, the employees, computers and other equipment, lighting, the sun shining through the windows or glass walls, and so on.

People often use air conditioning or ventilation systems to prevent heat or to ensure better air circulation, but that can have unpleasant consequences. After all, air circulation also means that dust and bacteria present in the systems are spread throughout the room, which can have a negative effect on people's health. In addition, both systems require regular maintenance due to the different moving parts and a dirty filter.

A more efficient solution for climate control within your office building is the provision of climate ceilings. The heat present is collected and reused in a sustainable way to create a more pleasant climate within the office spaces.

Climate ceilings explained

Climate ceilings work through a system of water pipes that is placed on the ceiling plates. They provide both the necessary cooling during the summer months and the desired heating in the winter. In this way they provide the most comfortable indoor climate for the entire office building.

Cooling down

Climate ceilings provide cooling in two different ways. On the one hand, the heat present is absorbed by the cool ceiling tiles, creating a cooling radiation effect. On the other hand, the ambient air is cooled through radiation provided by the climate ceiling. In both cases, the cooling will always be spread over the entire surface of the ceiling, creating the best comfort possible.


Climate ceilings can also heat the different spaces of your office building or home. In that case the surface of the ceiling is heated by hot water that runs through the copper pipes and releases heat into the room. Because of this radiant heat, people, floors, walls and furniture are directly heated without unnecessary air circulation and draft.


Comfort, tranquility and other benefits

The use of climate ceilings offers you a lot of advantages compared to other systems such as air conditioning and ventilation systems. We list the most important ones for you:


Because the climate ceiling cools and heats the room without air circulation, you will not be bothered by drafts or noise. Moreover, the entire installation is hidden behind the ceiling tiles, so there are no disruptive elements that can disturb the tranquility of your interior.

No negative impact on your health

Because climate ceilings do not work with filters or air circulation, no spread of dust or bacteria is possible. These ceiling systems therefore have no harmful impact on your health, unlike the traditional air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Economical and easy to maintain

These climate ceilings from Kreon are easy to maintain because they do not contain any moving parts that must be checked regularly. Moreover, there is no filter present that needs to be cleaned.

Eye for sustainability

A final advantage of climate ceilings on which we want to draw your attention is the ecologically responsible nature of these climate controllers. After all, they are not only easy to maintain and economical, but are also compatible with renewable energy sources such as air, earth and water pumps.

Also no additional power supply is required because climate ceilings do not work with moving parts and fans. So you also save a lot on energy.

Finally, the heat exchanger is made entirely from recyclable copper and aluminum. The WLT design reduces the use of raw materials, but always maximizes energy transfer.

Would you like to know more about how our vektron climate ceilings can provide your office or home with the right climate control? Then contact us soon! Our specialists are happy to advise you.

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